Creating a Go bot Part I

One of my hobbies is programming (even if I work as a developer I love to program free of pressure of doing that as a job). Another hobbie I have is Go. I started to play with lots of interruptions lots of years ago. First time I watched Hikaru No Go (an excellent anime, don’t miss it).  Right now I am around 5 kyu in KGS and you can find me with the nickname “draculinio” (feel free to ask me for a game or a little chat if you see me online).

Some years ago, when nobody thoght something like Alphago would exist, I wanted to create a bot that can play go and connect it to KGS or any other server that admits go bots.  My objective was not something very big or powerfull, just something that can play coherent moves. I think that now I can begin again, I will rescue some old posts from my old go programming blog so, some part of the text will be copied from that blog. I know my programming skills are better now than then, and with some parts of those old posts and new information I will be creating the go bot and posting about updates in this blog.

Some things about the project:

  • Language: Python 3
  • Open Source, I will see in the near future what’s the best licese for this.
  • Repo in:
  • Feel free to branch or clone.
  • Let’s see where can we go now.

Let’s put some short term first tasks

  1. Create the board representation
  2. Add a random stone
  3. Implement a mechanism to receive stones played by opponent.

Some rules for the project:

  1. Document all
  2. Push frequently
  3. Don’t hardcode (maybe some temporal hardcoding will be needed, but well documented and changed ASAP).


So, those three are the first things to do. Wish me luck!




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