A week in Perú


One good thing of my work is that from time to time I have to leave Buenos Aires and travel to another city/country.

Taking my flight to Lima
Taking my flight to Lima

This is my second time in Lima, both times for work (and yes, made a little tourism), and let me tell you something, traveling for work have good and bad things.

Luckily I am travelling one or two times per year, so I don’t leave home often, I have a wife and two little daughters, so some times it is hard to be alone in another country. I know of people that travel so often that I think that airports are their second home.


The good thing of traveling for work is that no technology replaces face to face meetings. ten minutes here talking with the team some times replaces hours of Skype, Slack or whatever. This is something for an entire post, but nothing replaces face to face.

View from the office, sometimes I think that the sun doesn't exist in Lima.
View from the office, sometimes I think that the sun doesn’t exist in Lima.

Talking about the industry, from what I was talking here with people, there are lots of great people (I really hate the term “human resource”), but lack of big system companies compared to other places, so maybe it is a bit harder to get a dream job, but not to hard. But Perú is growing, you can see it easily, so I think that lots of companies will start and grow big in no time.


Final words: food in Perú is GREAT. I don’t do advertisement, but places like “La Lucha” are a must. You have to eat “Cerdo al cilindro” (pork at cylinder), you will have a better understanding of the meaning of life.

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